FAQs (Study Abroad)

Will I get more aid from the Office of Financial Aid if I study abroad?

You might be awarded more loans and scholarships if your program exceeds the cost of a semester at U-M. Grant funding is awarded based on a student’s Expected Family Contribution, not on the student’s educational costs.

Does the Office of Financial Aid have study abroad scholarships?
Yes. See our Study Abroad Scholarships page for resources and more information.

What options are there if I need my financial aid early to pay for airfare or non-UM program fees?
You may be eligible for a study abroad advance. Speak with Mike Ross or Taryn Colangelo about the qualifications and process for obtaining an advance. (Your financial aid package must be completed, including any departmental scholarships, before you may qualify.)

Can I use my current financial aid while abroad?

  • For U-M programs: With some exceptions, your current financial aid (except Work-Study) can be used for study abroad. This includes grants, scholarships and loans (federal and private). The exceptions are some tuition-specific scholarships (such as the Kalamazoo Promise or DCTAG). Call us to discuss your individual situation.
  • For Non-UM programs: Only federal aid and private loans can be used for study abroad. Work-Study, University of Michigan Grants and M-Pact cannot be used for study abroad with a non-UM program. If you have an institutional (U-M) grant or scholarship and you choose a non-UM program, your scholarship or grant will be canceled for the term abroad; when you return, you must transfer your credits back to have your scholarship reinstated. Check with individual schools and colleges for terms and conditions of department scholarships. (For Spring/Summer, you will only qualify for federal loans.)

If I am unable to obtain additional scholarships for my program, what other assistance is available?
You may be interested in applying for a supplemental loan. Please visit the Comparing Supplemental Loans page for information about supplemental loans.  

Are global course connection (GCC), global intercultural experience for undergraduates (GIEU) and Ross Global Initiatives (RGI) programs eligible for financial aid?

Yes. Students may receive department scholarships or use federal or private loans, if eligible. Students will need to complete the Winter Study Abroad Financial Aid Request form. Students must  submit an additional request to increase their loans for these programs.

Can financial aid cover my housing at U-M while I'm studying abroad?

No. Financial Aid can only be used to cover housing in one location while you are abroad.