Accept, Decline, or Reduce Financial Aid

You have received your financial aid Award Notice. Now what should you do? We assume that you will accept all aid awarded to you and it will be applied automatically to your university charges. However, if you want to accept or decline specific awards or reduce the amount of your awards, there are instructions on this page to help you do that.

Accepting financial aid carries certain rights and responsibilities. When you are awarded financial aid, it is assumed that you will read and understand the terms and conditions of your aid and your rights and responsibilities, as specified here and in Required Reading, and that you agree to the certifications listed on page 2 of your award notice (also found here).

Learn as much as you can about your aid package and know in advance what is expected of you in terms of your enrollment and academic progress. If you have questions, please contact us for assistance.

To decline or reduce your awards, first log into Wolverine Access and follow one of these paths:
  • NEW & PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS: You may not decline or reduce awards until you have received an Official Award Notice, which typically occurs after you submit additional documents to our office and your application is reviewed. Then you may use Wolverine Access to decline or reduce your awards. After logging in to Wolverine Access, select Students > New & Prospective Student Business > Accept/Decline Financial Aid.
  • CURRENT STUDENTS: Select Student Center > Financial Aid > Aid Year > Awards > Accept/Decline.
About Loans: If you want to reduce or decline a loan AFTER you have already received the funds, contact our office right away. (Students must personally decline or reduce their awards; parents cannot do this for a student.) Parents of dependent students who have a federal PLUS loan may send an email or letter to our office asking to have the loan reduced or canceled.

The U-M financial aid award process is separate from admission to the University. In order to accept your admission to U-M, notify the office that admitted you (e.g., Undergraduate Admissions, Rackham, etc.) by paying your enrollment deposit.

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