For answers to questions about your financial aid, you will receive faster service by using our Contact Us form. This routes your question directly to our financial aid mailbox which is monitored hourly by our counseling staff and allows us to respond to you in a timely manner. If you prefer to speak with a financial aid advisor, you may call our office at 734-763-6600.


Advising & Eligibility:

Raquel Arevalo Senior Financial Aid Administrator
Krissy Bhaumik Assistant Director for Financial Wellness
Abby Chen Financial Aid Administrator
Marissa D'Angelo Senior Financial Aid Administrator
Tim DuFresne Financial Aid Administrator
Jim Eddy Assistant Director for Counseling
Carrie Glenn Senior Financial Aid Administrator
Michelle Gurski Senior Financial Aid Administrator
Casey Herman Financial Aid Administrator
Diane Hunt Assistant Director for The Ross School of Business
Thom (TJ) Johnson Assistant Director for Counseling
Khadija Khan Senior Financial Aid Administrator
Sarah Chapman Senior Financial Aid Administrator
John Mank Assistant Director for Dental School
Jeanine Periord Assistant Director for Counseling
Kelly Robson Financial Aid Administrator
Mike Ross Senior Financial Aid Administrator
Tameka Simmons Financial Aid Administrator
Keri Weber-Davies Financial Aid Administrator 


Felicia Drayton Senior Financial Aid Administrator
Steven Foster
Assistant Director for Outreach
Antonio Junior-Robins Senior Financial Aid Administrator
Stephen Nabors Senior Financial Aid Administrator


Elaine Crook Associate Financial Aid Officer
Sondra Fonville Assistant Director for Scholarships
Jeannie Moody-Novak Stewardship Officer
Megan Utke Senior Financial Aid Administrator
Linda Williams Administrative Assistant Senior

Student Employment:

Taryn Colangelo Assistant Director for Student Employment
Carolyn Williams Clerk Senior


Peter Hurley Associate Director for Support Services

General Support Services:

Jeffrie Brooks Business Systems Analyst Intermediate
Debra Hatchard Clerk Senior
Elaine Kinloch Assistant Director for Support Services
Tricia Lainesse Business Systems Analyst Senior
Chris Lobenherz Business Systems Analyst Senior
Mary Ann Przytulski Financial Aid Loan Specialist
Iris Richardson Clerk Senior
Adrian Robson Business Systems Analyst Senior
Alene Smith Liaison Coordinator

Fiscal Management:

Matt Mueller Senior Accountant



Pamela W. Fowler Executive Director
Vickie Crupper Senior Associate Director


Joyce Cartwright Clerk Associate
Sean Crupper Administrative Assistant Senior


Casey Hans Assistant Director for Communications
Connie Malik Graphic Designer