Studying Abroad Frequently Asked Questions


Will I get more aid from the Office of Financial Aid if I study abroad?

You might be awarded more loans and/or scholarships if your program exceeds the cost of a semester at U-M. Grant funding is awarded based on a student’s calculated Expected Family Contribution, not based on the student’s educational costs.

Does the Office of Financial Aid have study abroad scholarships?

Yes. See our Study Abroad Scholarships page for resources and more information.

What financial aid programs are applicable to study abroad?
  • For U-M programs: With some exceptions, for Resident students, your current financial aid (except Work-Study) can be used for study abroad. Non-Resident students should contact the financial aid study abroad team for an estimate.
  • For Non-U-M programs: Only federal aid and private loans can be used for study abroad. Work-Study, University of Michigan Grants. M-Pact and Provost’s Award cannot be used for study abroad with a non-UM program. If you have an institutional (U-M) grant or scholarship and you choose a non-UM program, your scholarship or grant will be canceled for the term abroad; when you return, you must transfer your credits back to have your scholarship reinstated. Check with individual schools and colleges for terms and conditions of department scholarships.
How can I pay my rent for my apartment in Ann Arbor while I am studying abroad?

Students should be prepared to pay this expense out-of-pocket or arrange to have someone to sublet their apartment while traveling. You cannot receive financial aid to maintain an apartment or other expenses not relevant to your study abroad program.

I was just accepted into my study abroad program. What are my next steps to receive financial aid?

In order to receive financial aid and be eligible for program scholarships, you must complete the Study Abroad Aid Request form for the appropriate term(s) you will be abroad. If you are traveling abroad through the Center for Global and Intercultural Study program, CGIS staff will notify you to complete your section of the form when it is ready. (If you are not in a CGIS program, check with your sponsoring unit to inquire about their process of helping you complete the form.)

I need some money early to buy a passport and my airfare before I will receive my financial aid. Can my financial aid be disbursed early?

No, federal regulations restrict financial aid from disbursing prior to our scheduled disbursement date. However, we do have some other options listed below.

  • STA (Start the Adventure) Travel Deposit Program (Book Now, Pay Later): Students should contact STA for the best options:
  • Once a student is processed for their program and all awards (grants, loans, scholarships, etc.) are posted to their account, students can request a meeting with a financial aid administrator to apply for a One-Time study abroad advance.
  • Students may also apply for a Short-Term University Loan up to $500. This is required to be repaid within 90 days and can be completed via Wolverine Access.


NOTE: Global health concerns around COVID-19 and U-M travel restrictions have impacted U-M study abroad programs during these terms. We encourage students to reach out to their study abroad offices for more information on when programs may begin again.
When do I find out my financial aid eligibility for my abroad program?

Typically, students receive their revised Financial Aid Award Notice around mid to late-July. This is dependent upon students filing their FAFSA and additional required documents by the priority deadline. Students who file their financial aid application late may not hear back from us until August or September.

When will I receive my financial aid if my program starts at the end of July?

Financial aid disburses at the end of August. You would receive the funding at the end of August/beginning of September if everything works correctly. If your program starts in July, contact our office to discuss funding options.

My program is suggesting I pay my housing, tuition, etc. before I receive my financial aid. What are my options?

Contact your program to determine your options for deferred payment. Most programs have a Financial Aid Disbursement Form that we can complete in the Office of Financial Aid. If they do not have the form, a letter can be prepared by our staff to send to your program. Contact our office here.


What is considered a short-term U-M program?

Short-term programs are programs that are shorter in length and require enrollment for the course during winter term. These programs can take place over spring break or at the end of winter term. Some examples are Global Intercultural Experience for Undergraduates (GIEU) & Global Course Connections (GCC).

What type of financial aid can I receive for a short-term program?

Since you are enrolled for the program during winter term, you do not qualify for additional grants from the U-M Office of Financial Aid. If you have not used all of your loan eligibility for fall/winter terms, you may be able to request additional loans. Most students receive scholarships from their school or college for these types of programs.

I am participating in a U-M winter term semester-long program. How is my financial aid applied and can I obtain an estimate?

Resident students should refer to your most recent Financial Aid Notice. Usually, the financial aid you receive in winter term at U-M will be applicable. Non-resident students should contact the financial aid study abroad team for an estimate. If programs are significantly less than the cost for a semester at U-M, your aid could be reduced to reflect the less expensive program.

When can I obtain a study abroad advance to purchase airfare for my semester-long U-M winter term program?

Study abroad advances are completed on a case-by-case basis and depend on the financial resources that will be available for the student. Most students make this advance request in late November or early December.


NOTE: Global health concerns around COVID-19 and U-M travel restrictions have impacted U-M study abroad programs during these terms. We encourage students to reach out to their study abroad offices for more information on when programs may begin again.
When will I receive my spring/summer financial aid award for my study abroad program?

Spring/summer study abroad financial aid is issued on a rolling basis, depending upon when your Study Abroad Financial Aid Request Form is submitted (available February 1). Submission time typically ranges from late February to April.

My program requires me to commit before I have received my financial aid award. What are my options to make my decision?

If you are a high-need financial aid recipient, you can contact our office to potentially receive an estimate of your financial aid award. Be sure to include your 8-digit UMID number and the name of your program in the correspondence. (If you have already committed to your program, please do not email inquiring an estimate, as it will delay the actual receipt of your financial aid award.)