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Lower rates offered for U-M Domestic Student Health Insurance Plan

Students at the cube

A new, lower-cost voluntary health insurance plan is available for U-M students for 2017-18.

Domestic Student Health Insurance flierThe Domestic Student Health Insurance Plan for 2017-2018 costs $1,865 for the academic year, much lower than in past years due the plan moving into a broader insurance pool. The domestic plan will have the same benefits as it did in 2016-17 including: medication, clinic visits, emergency room visits, hospitalization, ambulance transport, mental health care and other. This plan offers coverage throughout the United States.

The premium can be paid in one payment of $1,865 or over three installments of $816, $613 and $436 if student enrolls prior to Sept. 24, 2017. Information: https://www.uhs.umich.edu/dship or view or download an information flier.

The university is committed to offering all students access to affordable health insurance to protect against financial hardships resulting from medical expenses. Many U-M students do not have health insurance or adequate coverage which may put their education at risk.

The plan is especially important for uninsured out-of-state students, as they will not qualify for Michigan Medicaid insurance. For more about the Domestic Student Health Insurance Plan, students may contact the UHS Managed Care/Student Insurance Office, 734-764-5182 or toll-free 866-368-0002 or email UHS-mancare-stuins@med.umich.edu.

University of Michigan F-1 and J-1 students and J-1 visiting scholars must enroll in the International Student and Scholar Health Insurance Plan. Visit: https://internationalcenter.umich.edu/resources/healthins.