Master Promissory Notes

For step-by-step written instructions about Master Promissory Notes, download a PDF here.

Parents and students borrowing for the first time at U-M through the Federal Direct Loan Program  must do online entrance counseling and complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN) to receive their loan funds. The Master Promissory Note authorizes the university to credit the loan funds to your U-M student account for multiple years. MPNs are generally good for 10 years, so most students do not need to complete them more than once during their time at U-M, unless you have been out of school for one year or more.

If you sign a Master Promissory Note and do not want loans in future years, you must decline the loan the following year or it will be disbursed to you.

The borrower completes the Master Promissory Note: Parents for a Direct PLUS loan; graduate/professional students for Direct Grad PLUS loans; and students for a Direct Loan (subsidized or unsubsidized), Health Professions or Nursing Loans.
  • Federal Direct Loan: Complete your Direct Loan Master Promissory Note online at (details below).
  • Health Professions Loan, or Nursing Loan: Complete your MPN using Wolverine Access (details below). These borrowers must also complete a Rights and Responsibilities Statement each year before loans disburse

When visiting either or Wolverine Access, be sure to turn off all pop-up blockers prior to beginning the process.


Before completing the MPN, collect this information:
  • A U.S. Department of Education FSA ID to complete the promissory note on the web.  If you do not already have an FSA ID, apply for one immediately. It takes up to 3 business days to receive your FSA ID by email and 7-10 business days to receive it by regular mail. If you already have an FSA ID, but you cannot locate it, visit  (Your FSA ID is NOT the same as the DRN number shown on your Student Aid Report.)
  • Your Social Security Number
  • Your permanent address and telephone number
  • Your driver's license number
  • Names, addresses, and phone numbers for two references

To complete your Master Promissory Note for Direct Loans online, turn off all pop-up blockers and follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Sign in under Manage My Direct Loan. (If you are a new borrower, follow the instructions for applying for an FSA ID.)
  • After signing in, select Complete the Master Promissory Note. Select the correct type of loan note.
  • Be sure to select the correct name and address for the University of Michigan:

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
503 Thompson Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1340 - G02325

If you prefer, you may complete a paper MPN, but there are more steps involved before approval and your loans could be delayed. To complete a paper MPN, sign in at; select "Complete MPN" to complete the MPN electronically or "Print MPN" to print, complete and mail a paper MPN to our office.


Before completing the MPN, collect this information:
  • Social Security Number
  • Birth date
  • Names, addresses, and telephone numbers for at least two adult references who are not your parents (references must have different addresses than each other and you)
  • All students MUST use the Internet Explorer web browser; otherwise, you may not be able to complete the loan documents e-signature process. Please check to be sure the loan appears as a line item on your student financial aid summary in Wolverine Access before attempting to sign the note. If the loan has been declined or canceled for any reason, you will receive an error message when trying to sign the note. If you have questions, contact our office.
  • If you need technical assistance, call U-M Information and Technology Services at 734-764-4357.
Once you’ve gathered this information, log into the Student Business section of Wolverine Access (do not use Friends and Family) and follow these steps to complete an MPN for Health Professions or Nursing loans:
  • Verify that your address and phone number are correct by selecting Addresses and Phone Numbers.
  • For Health Professions or Nursing Loans: Select Financial Aid > Select Aid Year > Loans > eSign Loans.
  • Select the link to eSign your loan documents.
  • Follow the directions on this site to complete and electronically sign your loan documents.  It is strongly recommended that you set aside sufficient time to complete the entire e-signature process in one sitting.  The approximate time to complete the process is 15 minutes. Please note that some students may be required to sign more than one MPN.  Completing your loan documents online is the fastest and easiest way to complete these loan documents. 
  • If you are unable to complete the e-signature process online, you may request a paper copy of the loan documents; however, the process of signing paper loan documents takes much longer (up to three weeks) and you will not be able to access a copy of your signed loan documents online in the future. Contact your financial aid office for more information.

Note: Wolverine Access will only display a missing MPN for Health Professions and Nursing loans; it does not display missing MPNs for Direct or Direct PLUS loans (subsidized or unsubsidized.)