Winter Enrollment Deadlines and Reminders

Winter Enrollment Reminder

Questions surrounding withdrawals and the potential need to repay some, or all, aid received are common during this time of the year. We know it can be a complex subject, and you should always feel welcome to contact our office with questions.

As we approach the winter term, it is important to remember that enrolling in courses is not enough to secure your financial aid. Here are some useful pieces of information to help you navigate enrollment and financial aid.

• You must be enrolled by the Drop/Add deadline (Feb. 8) or you won’t get any aid.

• You must participate/attend all courses in which you enroll. Any student receiving a non-passing grade (any grade other than A, B, C, D, or P) will be reviewed to ensure that they participated in the course throughout the semester.

• Failure to attend can be expensive. Your aid could be reduced retroactively and you could be required to repay aid you have received. This includes mini courses that start later in the term. Contact us before dropping them, as it may reduce your aid. If you have questions about your enrollment and eligibility, contact us.

Reminder: You will not receive aid for wait-listed classes

When you register, note that credit hours for wait-listed courses (marked with an orange triangle on your class schedule) are not included in your credit hour total. So while you may intend to enroll full-time, your course load may be considered part-time as you wait to be admitted to the waitlisted class.

How does this affect your financial aid?

Your financial aid is based on full-time enrollment and will be reviewed at the three week drop/add deadline of Feb. 8, and you must be enrolled at least half-time (six hours for undergraduates, four hours for graduate students) to receive aid. If you are enrolled at least half-time but less than full-time, all of your financial aid (except Direct Loans) will be prorated and reduced to reflect this.

What to expect if you have a wait-listed class:

• If you are already enrolled for 12 or more hours and have an additional wait-listed class, your aid will be fully disbursed because you are considered full-time.

• When bills for winter term are issued, your pending financial aid will be based on the number of credit hours you are taking, minus the wait-listed class. Wait-listed class charges will not appear on this bill.

• When financial aid is paid, aid will be prorated based on the number of credit hours you are taking. If you have scholarship(s) requiring full-time enrollment, you will not receive those funds until you are enrolled full-time.

• Once you are admitted to the waitlisted class, your enrollment level will be adjusted and the balance of your aid will be paid to you. You will then be billed for the class.