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The University of Michigan offers grants, scholarships, loans, and federal Work-Study funds to eligible entering and continuing students.

About 70 percent of Michigan resident undergraduates and 40 percent of nonresident undergraduates on the U-M Ann Arbor campus receive financial aid, See more from the U-M Office of Budget and Planning.

Entering U-M undergraduates submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for federal aid and a CSS/Financial Aid Profile application to be considered for institutional grant aid. The university meets the full financial need of all Michigan resident undergraduates who apply by priority aid application deadlines and accept all aid offered.

Prospective students begin the financial aid application cycle in the fall of their senior year in high school.Qualifying students who have met the aid application deadline are automatically considered for both federal and state need-based aid programs, university grants, and university-administered scholarships.

Students must reapply for financial aid each year, beginning on Jan. 1. Most financial aid is renewable, provided that federal and university eligibility criteria is met.

If we can answer questions or help you find resources for your college experience at U-M, please call us at 734-763-6600 or contact us electronically.

U-M Office of Financial Aid mission:

  • To ensure that accomplished students from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences are able to attend the University.
  • To provide – in a fair, confidential, and responsible manner – financial resources, information, options and advice that remove financial barriers and allow students to focus on academic success.
  • To employ an innovative spirit and factual approach to improve our processes and offer premier service to students and the University community.

Note: Due to the nature of federal, state and institutional guidelines governing financial aid programs, information on this website is subject to change.

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