Financial aid is paid out at the beginning of the term for which you have enrolled. When and how you receive your aid depends on the type of aid you receive and whether you have completed requirements for receiving your funding.

Your aid will be disbursed based on full-time enrollment. Read the information on this page carefully to find out about how different types of financial aid are disbursed, when you can expect to receive them, and what you must do to receive your funds.

Enrolled less than full-time?

If you are not enrolled full-time by the end of the drop/add period, your aid will be adjusted at that time and you will receive a revised financial aid notice reflecting your level of enrollment.

If you enroll in a class, do not attend, and later withdraw, your aid will be adjusted if withdrawing results in less-than-full-time enrollment. You must be enrolled by the drop/add date or your aid will be cancelled. If you enroll after the drop/add date, your aid will not be reinstated.