Continuing students must reapply for financial aid each year by completing a new Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and each winter term you will receive an email reminder from us. You are likely to receive similar financial aid packages throughout your time at U-M if the following conditions remain constant:

  • Your family's financial situation remains consistent. Changes in income, marital status, or number of family members, or a change in the number of siblings enrolled in college will affect your aid eligibility.
  • Federal, institutional, and state financial aid program funding levels remain constant.
  • You apply by the required deadlines.
  • You report accurate information, including income and assets, on your financial aid application(s).
  • You continue to meet the enrollment level and Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements.

Continuing Student Timeline

Continuing students should begin planning for next year in the fall of the current academic year.


  • Apply for scholarships from private sources such as banks and churches, local companies and organizations, and special interest organizations. See the Private Scholarships listing on our scholarships page for more information including a list of free scholarship search engines.


To apply for aid for the next academic year (fall and winter terms):

  • Submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible after it becomes available in December. See Current Undergraduates under "How to Apply for Aid" for information about reapplying for aid.
  • Our office must receive your processed FAFSA from the federal processor by May 1 in order to consider you for all aid programs (allow three to four weeks for processing).
  • Check Wolverine Access to see if you need to submit additional application documents. We must also receive these by May 1 to consider you for all aid programs.

To apply for aid for spring and/or summer terms of this year:

  • Register for classes to be notified of your aid eligibility. 
  • If you are studying abroad, you will complete a Study Abroad Financial Aid Request for Funds form.


  • Complete loan promissory notes (if applicable). You will receive emails with directions.
  • Financial aid notification begins in May, once all application information is received in our office.


  • Students receive their bills for fall term.
  • Students receive their financial aid for fall term.