CSS Profile Household B Request

The University of Michigan is requesting information from the parent who did not provide their information, along with yours, on the CSS Profile. The Profile refers to this information as Household B or HHB. This parent will need to create a new, unique CSS Profile account and file the Household B form. Information is not shared between parents to ensure each individual parent’s privacy.

CSS Profile Household B Instructions

To complete this form, your parent must follow these steps:

Step One: Set up a noncustodial parent CSS Profile account

Your noncustodial parent establishes a parent account at cssprofile.org.

  • Select the “Create Account” button in the “Don’t have an account” Box.
  • Select the “I’m a student” link. Your parent should complete the account set up using their information, not your information, from this point forward. A parent creating their account will: 
    • Enter their (parent) first name. This is required information and needs to be their legal name.
    • Provide their (parent) middle initial. This is not required and they can skip this box.
    • Enter their (parent) legal last name as it appears on their ID (an actual ID is not required). They cannot leave this blank. 
    • Indicate their (parent) gender. A parent can select from three options.
      • Female
      • Male
      • Another
        Your parent can provide additional information about this selection. A help bubble will appear when they click in the optional text box.
    • Provide their (parent) date of birth. 
    • Enter their (parent) email address. This question cannot be left blank. We recommend using an email address that they will have access to for as long as they will need a College Board account.
    • Confirm the email address by entering it a second time.
    • Indicate their (parent) high school (or equivalent) graduation date. This is required information.
      • If your parent did not graduate from high school, they can enter the date they would have graduated.
    • Check the box for “I am no longer in high school/My school is not listed” as the response for the question “Where do you go to school?”
    • Create their account username and password.
    • Create a username. This should be 6-15 characters and include letters and numbers. A username is required in order to establish the College Board account.
    • Create a password.
    • Re-enter the password.
    • Choose a security question from the drop-down menu provided. This is a required step.
    • Answer the security question. This information cannot be left blank.
    • Provide their (parent) biographical information.
    • Your parent can opt out of receiving additional information from the College Board. The box authorizing the College Board to send information about College Board programs will be automatically checked. If they would like to opt out, click on the check mark to unsubscribe from this service.
    • Providing contact information for reminders and advice is an option if your parent is interested. This is not required.
    • Agree to the Terms and Conditions of a College Board account. Your parent must agree to the terms and conditions in order to establish an account.
    • Confirm that their information is correct by clicking in the box next to each piece of information to confirm:
      • First name
      • Middle initial if provided
      • Last name
      • Gender
      • Date of birth

The parent account is complete after selecting the “confirm” button.  A successful account creation message will follow. Parents can choose to share their information with colleges, scholarships, and nonprofit organizations at this time.

Step Two: Complete the noncustodial parent Household B CSS Profile

Students must provide their noncustodial parent with their (the student’s) College Board CBFinAid account number if the College Board did not automatically provide it. This will allow the College Board to link your CSS Profile application with your parent’s Household B application.

Unable to Submit the Household B? You May Qualify for a Waiver.

Students whose circumstances are such that they do not have a relationship with their second biological parent are able to request a waiver of the Household B form. Examples of circumstances that may be considered include:

  • Personal safety concerns
  • Parent incarceration
  • Lack of a parental relationship  

Parent refusal to submit information is not a special circumstance in and of itself.

Please do not request a waiver until after you have received notification of admission to the University of Michigan Ann Arbor. Submission of a waiver request does not guarantee approval of your request.