Identity Verification and Statement of Educational Purpose Requirement

Students may be required to verify their identity and confirm the Statement of Educational Purpose if:

  • The Federal Department of Education FAFSA Processor has selected you, the student, to submit this documentation.

To obtain the necessary form, click here to download the Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose form.

You may complete this requirement in one of two ways. You may:

  • Complete Section A:  Appear in person at the UM Office of Financial Aid or any other local college or university Office of Financial Aid and present your original, government-issued photo identification for verification and completion. DO NOT sign this form until you appear in person. If you opt to meet this requirement by completing Section A at another financial aid office, the completed questionnaire and a copy of your government issued identification should be mailed to our office at the address listed on the form, directly from that college or university.  OR
  • Complete Section B:  You may appear in person to a Notary Public who will complete the Notary Certificate of Acknowledgement on your behalf witnessing your signature in Section B of the form. DO NOT complete Section B before visiting the Notary Public.  You should then mail or drop off in person both the completed and notarized document and a copy of your government issued identification used to verify your identity to the University of Michigan Office Of Financial Aid. A Notary can typically be found at a local bank, credit union, insurance agency, shipping store, or law office.


Remember: You must provide both a copy of the government issued identification document and the completed form. Forms submitted without copies of the ID used to verify your identity will be returned as incomplete.