Apply for Fall/Winter Aid Now

It’s never too early to think about the financial aid application process. This section highlights important information for the fall/winter financial aid application process, including upcoming deadlines and best practices for completing the FAFSA and CSS Profile. Also included is a spotlight on how to avoid identity theft and protect your privacy.

Student News

You’ll have a lot of opportunities available to you on campus. Here is a rundown on some of them, including how to get involved in Federal Work-Study programs and jobs and how to apply for scholarships. This section also includes helpful tips for what to do after you’re done applying, as well as for planning your borrowing strategy, and ways to insure your tuition.

Budgeting on Campus

Managing your money as a college student will be one of the most valuable skills you’ll learn. This section provides information on how you can become a responsible budgeter, including the Your Money, Your Life financial wellness class, and offers guidelines for handling private loans. Finally, this section touches on the Go Blue Guarantee.

Spring/Summer Info

This section breaks down the important steps you need to know to apply for spring/summer financial aid, including critical deadlines and how varying levels of enrollment can affect your available aid. Finally, this section features answers to some of the most commonly asked financial aid questions on campus.