Spring/Summer Info

Spring/Summer Request for Funds application now available

Materials are now available for students to apply for 2020 spring/summer financial aid at U-M.

Unless you are studying abroad, students requesting aid must file a Request for Financial Aid Form (RFF). If you are considering attending spring or summer terms, apply for aid.

We award aid on a rolling basis as applications are received, generally starting in March. If you have not already submitted a 2019-20 FAFSA, do so immediately at fafsa.ed.gov. The deadline for application with full consideration for all aid programs is April 10, 2020. We will not consider any spring/summer applications after these dates:

  • Spring eight-week term: June 1, 2020
  • Summer eight-week term and 16-week spring/summer term: July 31, 2020 

The Office of Financial Aid will determine your aid eligibility based on half-time enrollment; you need not notify us of planned changes in your attendance. Most students will receive a financial aid notice covering the full 16 weeks of potential enrollment, the spring and summer mini terms. Students who choose not to enroll in the spring term will later have their notices revised for summer enrollment, if their registration records show summer term enrollment.

Other information you may need when applying for spring/summer aid

  • Addendum forms are required if you are in a Social Work practicum or applying for a spring/summer federal TEACH Grant. Complete the necessary forms and submit them to the Office of Financial Aid, in addition to filling out the Request for Financial Aid form. Find the forms on our Forms page.
  • Students studying abroad will complete a 2020 Spring/Summer Study Abroad Financial Aid Request form and not the RFF. Visit the Study Abroad page for more information and to download forms.
  • Students who have young, dependent children in child care may be eligible for the U-M Child Care Subsidy Program, which helps students with the cost of licensed child care. Specific criteria is required to be eligible and students must complete a 2019-2020 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at fafsa.gov and an application for the subsidy. Visit the Child Care Subsidy page for more information and to download forms.

The first payment of financial aid will be available to students on May 1 for spring and 16-week spring/summer terms and on June 26 for summer term. Contact us if you have questions at 734-734-6600 or  financial.aid@umich.edu

A few additional spring/summer tips

  • Register for spring/summer classes during your enrollment period. Register for classes at least half-time in order to receive aid.
  • Aid is awarded based on the assumption of full-time enrollment. If you enroll less than full-time, your aid will be reduced after drop/add.
  • Your enrollment level will be monitored throughout the award period. Changes may result in a reduction or cancellation of aid, or you may be required to repay funds already paid to you.
  • File only one Request for Financial Aid Form when applying for spring/summer aid; multiple submissions may delay processing of your aid. 

Did you know?

  • Moving off campus won’t affect the amount of a student’s financial aid. You will continue to receive a housing budget based on a dorm double rate, but off-campus students must pay rent directly to landlords. Plan accordingly! 
  • Students can give parents access to financial aid information in Wolverine Access for aid newsletters and to view needed documents and student notices. Select “Parent/Family Authorization” under the Student Center to set up access.
  • Applications for Federal Direct PLUS loans to parents of dependent students and graduate students are available beginning in mid-April for fall/winter terms. Apply in March for spring/summer PLUS loans. Visit the Direct PLUS loans page for more information.
  • Students who receive failing grades in a course may continue to take it until receiving a passing grade. (So, no limit on the number of times a course is repeated when receiving E, F or W grades.) If you receive a grade of D- or higher, you may take the class one more time and remain eligible for aid. But if you enroll a third time, there is no aid.
  • 1098-T forms are available through U-M Student Financial Services for students whose tuition and expenses exceed scholarships and grants for the previous year. Access it through Wolverine Access. Direct questions to Student Financial Services at 734-764-7447 or um-sfo@umich.edu.
  • Special note for U-M seniors: If you are currently classified as a senior at U-M and will return for the coming academic year, be sure to check your anticipated graduation date with your academic advisor. If your grad date is set to the current term and you continue into another academic year, your financial aid will be affected and will not pay. Contact the Office of the Registrar to change your graduation date or email us at financial.aid@umich.edu with any specific financial aid questions.