Required Reading

Required Reading is the primary student resource guide for financial aid at the University of Michigan and answers many questions students ask about their aid. Download and read it to understand your rights and responsibilities that go along with receiving your aid.

Information for Entering Students & Families

Information for Entering Students & Families
The primary reference and resource guide for students awarded financial aid at the university. When students are awarded financial aid, it is assumed that they will read and understand their rights and responsibilities, as specified in this publication.


Your Guide to Making U-M Affordable (2022-23)
Information for high school students and their families who are interested in learning about financial aid and scholarships at the University of Michigan. (Spanish version)

Guide to Transferring to Michigan 2022
Information for students considering a transfer to the University of Michigan from two- and four-year colleges

Your Guide for Loan Repayment
Information for students who need assistance repaying their student loans. This brochure details options and offers resources for students.

U-M Guide to Consumer Information
A summary of consumer information that the university must make available to all registered students. For more detailed information, visit our Consumer Information page.