If circumstances require you to consider withdrawing from classes, contact our office and your academic advisor before withdrawing to understand the consequences of your decision. Office of Financial Aid counselors will explain the policies described below and how they apply to you. If you do choose to withdraw, you must immediately notify the U-M Office of the Registrar and follow specific withdrawal procedures.

Withdrawal and Tuition Refund Policy

The university's tuition refund policy determines how much tuition and fees are refunded when a student withdraws from all classes. The chart below shows the amount refunded, depending upon when a student withdraws. The Registrar sets and publishes refund dates each term.

Your financial aid notice lists how much financial aid you will receive for full-time enrollment (no aid is available for audited courses or those dropped before the 100% tuition refund deadline; there are no charges or penalties. If you withdraw from a course after the 100% tuition refund date, it is considered a withdrawal and you will be charged for these courses. If you withdraw from all your courses or stop attending them before completing more than 60% of the semester, you may have to repay all or a portion of your financial aid).

Students that do not attend or participate at least one day of class must repay their aid. The federal government considers it an unofficial withdrawal when a student receives a failing grade for not attending or participating or when they stop attending class.

Time of Withdrawal % of Charges Refunded
Prior to the first day of the term 100% tuition; 100% fees
Within the first 3 weeks 100% tuition; 0% fees
After the first 3 weeks but before the 6th week 50% tuition; 0% fees
After the 6th week 0% tuition; 0% fees